Vidhya Sabha

Vaishya Agrawal Rajvansh Vidhya Sabha was established by Raja Jwala Prasad in the year 1education913
with the help of some affluent and supportive Rajvanshi brothers. They accumulated a fund to help poor students of the community.  Initially they use to loan money with nominal interest, but soon it taken a form of scholarships for poor students.

Till now thousands of students with the help of Vidhya Sabha have realized their dreams. Many of them are now engineers, doctors, advocates, teachers and at other high posts; they have not only risen high in their life but also they are serving nation.

In 1989, Vaishya Agrawal Rajvansh Vidhya Sabha established two separate funds, Scholarships Fund and Padak (Medal) Fund. 

Scholarships Fund– Amount total accumulated in this fund with the help of 132 donors is Rs. 11, 96,113. The interest amount received from this money is used for giving scholarships to the poor students.  One can contribute to this fund by giving donation of minimum Rs.5000 only.

Padak (Medal) Fund– This fund is established to encourage meritorious students of the community. Students who have obtained highest marks in their respective boards, universities or technical colleges are awarded with medal, cash prize and certificates. One can contribute to this fund by giving Rs. 2500 only. In this fund with help of 74 donors Rs. 1,64,652 are accumulated. Besides that students who are selected in special services like I.A.S, P.C.S , N.D.A etc  are honored with prizes and certificate.

Sponsored Scholarships”, in year 2002 this form of scholarship started. In this if one can not give at one time total donation amount, then he/she can sponsor every year as per his/her capability any one poor student of the community.  Our funds are deposited in Nationalised Indian Bank. Vaishya Agrawal Rajvansh Vidhya Sabha is registered under Indian Income Tax section 12a (a), in which its income is tax free. Also, Vidhya Sabha has letter from Income Tax department under section 80 –G according to which donors to Vaishya Agrawal Rajvansh Vidhya Sabha will get Income Tax rebate.